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URGENT: Arrested in MN for Black Lives Matter

This morning, a coalition of white people and non-Black people of color shut down the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis, in solidarity with the Mo

Non-Black Twin Cities residents shut down 35W bridge in support of movement for Black lives

Minneapolis, MNOn Wednesday, July 13, a coalition of white people and non-Black people of color – the Coalition to Wake Your Ass Up – shut down the Interstate 35W bridge in solidarity with the movement for Black lives, condemning the ongoing killings of Black people by police in the Twin Cities and across the country.

We live with a disease called White Supremacy

The piercing. We all felt it. The puncture of violence, the ripping apart of families and communities, the pain of grief and loss. This last week, explosive tensions tore through our country in reaction to the targeted murders of Black people by police officers, followed by the retaliatory murders of police officers by a Black man.

The Wars Have Come to U.S. Soil

The tragic night of July 7, 2016, was the most visible manifestation of U.S. wars reaching our own soil. To be clear, I am not talking about the absurd and insulting notion that there is a war between the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and the police.

Join us for our centennial conference in July!

I'd like to invite you to join your fellow activists of all ages at the Fellowship of Reconciliation's 58th Annual Seabeck Conference — and centennial celebration!

Orlando the complexity of human existence and grief

As the debate and the raw emotion of last week subsides and the discussion moves into a second week, I find myself still reeling. I am not among those grieving the personal loss. My family and friends in Orlando are safe and the depth of my gratitude reflects this haunting and pronounced awareness that it might not have been so.  That life must not be taken for granted.

Why go to Russia?

Since 1983, Sharon Tennison has worked to develop ordinary citizens’ capacities to avert international crises, focusing on relations between the U.S. and Russia. Now, amid a rising crisis in relations between the U.S.

Our 2016 Peace Awards

I am delighted to announce the 2016 Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace Awards winners!

I want to personally thank everyone who took the time to nominate so many worthy candidates this year.

Orlando: United Against Hate Crimes

I mourn with you for the victims of the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States, and I send love and sympathy from FOR to the families and friends of those killed and still gravely wounded in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday.