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Daniel Berrigan, Presente! A personal reflection on family, faith, and action

"I don't even know whether I want to be remembered. That doesn't really enter into my kind of scheme of life.

Liberals are the Future

In the chaotic presidential campaign, the remarkable popularity of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders spotlights a large, not-always-recognized vein of liberal political sympathy in America.

Connecting the Altar to the Pentagon

Daniel Berrigan, Jesuit priest and poet, throughout his life offered a prophetic witness for peace—a witness both in word and deed. In 1968 he was arrested with his brother Philip and seven others for destroying draft files in Catonsville, Maryland. In 1980 they were again arrested for hammering on weapons components at a plant in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Stories by the Fire - Iraq visit part 2

It is hard to put my feelings into words.  I am travelling as a peace witness in Iraqi Kurdistan.  Just the other day we visited a sheikh whom I had met in Fallujah in 2012.  He and his family were forced to flee to Kurdistan about two years ago.  Fallujah, as you probably know, is being held by ISIS.  None of the residents are allowed to leave.  People are literal

Arriving in Erbil and Wondering: What Lies Ahead

Erbil, Kurdistan—Wherever I look, tall, unfinished concrete buildings, accompanied by construction cranes, loom over the city. It is somewhat eerie because I see no movement inside or around any of the buildings, none whatsoever. 

The Yemen Conflict: Solutions to an Unnecessary War

During the Second World War, in the United States there was a government-sponsored publicity campaign to save automobile gas with the slogan “Is this trip necessary?” The aim was to show that if one really asked the question, many trips were not really necessary. We can ask the same question about wars today. In Yemen, is the Saudi-led war really necessary?

In honor of my father #StopTheHarm

I write to you from New York City, to which I traveled 2,000 miles to join five other FOR global leaders at the first-ever United Nations Special Session on the World Drug Problem (UNGASS).

Compassion Not Criminalization: A Faith Response to Addiction and Drug Policy

In 2009, the United Nations put forth a multilateral response to the global drug problem. The scourge of the drug trade contributes to untold human rights violations, massive corruption, and violence that perpetuate brokenness and suffering on a worldwide scale. The U.N.

Bringing nonviolence into a UN conversation on drug policy

Recently, a 22-year-old interview resurfaced in which one of President Richard Nixon's top aides, John Ehrlichman, admitted that the War on Drugs was a political tool to target black people and anti-war activists. The interview only confirms what many communities like Baltimore and Ferguson already know: The system of drug law enforcement is faulty and devastating by design.

Virtue Ethics: Toward a More Humanizing Ethics in the U.S. Justice System

"Justice dies when dehumanized, no matter how exactly it may be exercised." (Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel)