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Orlando: United Against Hate Crimes

I mourn with you for the victims of the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States, and I send love and sympathy from FOR to the families and friends of those killed and still gravely wounded in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday.

Join us in urging Speaker Ryan to help #EndIslamophobia

Your support of the #GiveRefugeesRest campaign to end Islamophobia and welcome refugees continues to build incredible momentum.

United Methodist members pledging support for LGBTQI clergy

In the past two weeks, a groundswell of support for the #FreedomToServe by LGBTQI clergy within the United Methodist Church has been building.

Compassion Not Criminalization: A Faith Response to Addiction and Drug Policy

In 2009, the United Nations put forth a multilateral response to the global drug problem. The scourge of the drug trade contributes to untold human rights violations, massive corruption, and violence that perpetuate brokenness and suffering on a worldwide scale. The U.N.

Taking #GiveRefugeesRest to Washington

This week, I will be traveling to Washington, DC, along with other representatives from FOR to further our efforts to advocate on behalf of Syrian refugees and counter Islamophobia.

Thank you and happy new year!

You came through in a big way with your support of FOR in 2015.

Thank you!

Now it’s on to 2016, which we embrace with excitement, hope, and faith. In the words of FOR member and theologian Howard Thurman:

Gratitude on the longest night

As the days shrink into long dark nights and the heightened activity of the holiday season accelerates time so that December seems fleeting, FOR staff and I pause to reflect and find peace by counting our blessings.

Wow — 2015 was an incredible year!