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Orlando the complexity of human existence and grief

As the debate and the raw emotion of last week subsides and the discussion moves into a second week, I find myself still reeling. I am not among those grieving the personal loss. My family and friends in Orlando are safe and the depth of my gratitude reflects this haunting and pronounced awareness that it might not have been so.  That life must not be taken for granted.

Global FOR Efforts for Peace & Nonviolent Justice Need Your Support

How much can we change on our own?

Last Spring, after years of organizing in the United States through FOR and other movements, I accepted a request to serve as the International Coordinator of the global expression of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, IFOR.

Ferguson and Justice

The question of whether or not Officer Wilson’s response to Michael Brown was legal is not really the point. In the brutality of American history, the answer to such legal questions has almost always been the same answer that this Grand Jury provided.

Strategy and Soul: A Review

For the past several months, Daniel Hunter’s book Strategy & Soul h

Honoring MLK: Young leaders work to end suffering and promote nonviolence

Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of working with many outstanding young activists who represent the next generation of global nonviolence leaders.

How Will We End Mass Incarceration?

Everyone who took part in last month’s 21st Century Freedom Ride has been impacted by what Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, describes as an elaborate sy

A Witness Against Fear: Remembering Jordan Davis and Renisha McBride

Over the past months, I have been haunted by thoughts of Jordan Davis and Renisha McBride.

Their names come to me, disturbing sleep and dinner. Their faces stop me cold in the middle of my thoughts.

Join the 21st Century Freedom Ride this December

More than 70 years after sparking the Freedom Ride movement, the Fellowship of Reconciliation invites you to join us for along the route of a

90 Years of Resistance

It was a joy and an honor to join our co-laborers at the War Resisters League from August 1 through 4 in Washington, D.C.

A letter to Morgan Freeman

A letter to Morgan Freeman from the Dorothy Cotton Institute 2012 Civil And Human Rights Delegation to the West Bank

Dear Mr. Freeman,