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Rabbi Everett Gendler Teaches Samuel Tamaret's Torah of Nonviolence

A powerful take away for rabbis attending the fabulous Jewish Voice for Peace National Members’ Meeting emerged during a text study with the venerable Rabbi Everett Gendler

Gift-giving and banquet diplomacy in the spring season of Purim and Norouz

Purim is a Jewish holy day that originated in ancient Persia. Many narrative features of the story reveal different aspects of Persian culture.

Remembering Arik Sharon: Bitterness and blood

Ariel Sharon is dead and his memory will not be a blessing. He embittered thousands of lives with his reign of brutality.

Oakland groups outraged at Urban Shield "war games" and gun show

On the anniversary of the disastrous police response to Occupy Oakland, Urban Shield — a trade show and training exercise for SWAT teams and police agencies from across California, as well as from Israel, Guam, Brazil, and Bahrain — wil

Ta’anit Teshuvah: A High Holiday Fast for Human Rights

It is a tradition for the pious to fast from dawn to dusk during the Ten Days of Teshuvah, as it is written, “I am with them in distress.” (Psalm 91:15) Suffering is ever before us.

On multifaith solidarity and movement building among Asian Americans and Palestinians

The proclamation of June 4 as Palestinian Cultural Day was initiated by the Buena Vista United Methodist Church in Alameda, California, in partnership with the Arab Community

A reflection for Yom Yerushalayim

As we reflect on Jerusalem/Al Kuds on Yom Yerushalayim, my mouth stutters and my eyes well up with tears when I try to describe the violence I have seen in the streets of Jerusalem. I have wandered the streets of Jerusalem since 1966, when this unique city first opened its gates and welcomed me within. The celebration of a city united has become mourning for a city divided.

Alternative prayers for Thanksgiving

Today, as Jewish people and the people of the United States celebrate the holy day we call Thanksgiving, some of us are reflecting upon the odd title for a holy day that also marks the history of genocide of the native people of Turtle Island.

Where are we headed? A reflection on the 73rd remembrance of Kristallnacht

In hindsight, Kristallnacht signaled what was to come: the rounding up and extermination of  European Jewry. Most of the world did not intervene, and worse, chose to block Jewish efforts to escape.