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Act NOW! President Obama Introduces a Plan to Reduce Gun Violence

There has been much talk about just how to handle the rampant gun violence, take back the bargaining power of the NRA and so on.  Here is our chance to make giant strides forward.  The President has put forward a plan and now is a key time to step up and make your voice heard as a pacifist for sane gun laws.  Are you ready to make the call?  Call your Members of Congress tod

Celebrating life and giving thanks

Day one of the Festival of San Juan Bautista and San Juan of Congo started with the ringing of bells, the crowd covered in red and drenched in the humidity of Curiepe. We had only a tiny idea what we were about to experience but traveled to the festival of Saint John the Baptist and John of Congo festival ready to observe and interview.

To embrace difference or pretend we are all the same: Observations on culture in Venezuela and the U.S.

Day 5 of the research delegation to Venezuela - The common explanation of the status of Afro-Venezuelans by the self-identified Venezuelan “middle-class” was very much like that of the United States. Some promoted the need to “look beyond slavery,” almost as if to suggest that it is an insignificant reality of the cultures of African descendants.

Touchdown in Venezuela

On June 21st, seven of us landed in Caracas, Venezuela; each for the first time under President Chavez’s term in office. I was immediately struck by the calmness of the airport, stillness of the night, and relieved. Compared to Iran, Colombia, or even Canada, the process was much more peaceful, and therefore unexpected. The State Department’s website gives all sorts of warnings and the U.S.

Merging government for the People?

Today, President Obama called on Congress to give him greater authority to merge government agencies—a power last granted to Ronald Reagan.  In his usual serious but humble fashion he also announced that the Small Business Administration has been moved to a Cabinet level agency.  You might be asking why this matters for those in the peace and justice movement. Great question.

International Decade for People of African Descent

Peoples’ and Civil Society letter to the United Nations Member States calling for the UN General Assembly to declare 2012-2022 as the International Decade for People of African Descent.

Roses in the Midst of Chaos

Chicago is a city of vibrant smiles. Tourists and locals fill galleries, shops, and restaurants with bright eyes and robust laughs; but in the Windy City, some of that laughter echoes across one of the largest urban food deserts in the country.

After Gadhafi, the West eyes the Libyan prize

After Gadhafi, the West eyes the Libyan prize: Oil rich and deeply divided,

16 December: Take a Stand for Peace

Do you remember those posters and bumper stickers that read, “Support the troops”? Maybe you have one of your own. Well, December 16th is the time to get your stickers, signs and banners together and join the largest veteran led-civil resistance to the US wars in recent history. FOR and other United For Peace and Justice member organizations are calling on you to join Veterans For Peace in Washington D.C. on Thursday, December 16th for civil resistance action. If you can join the D.C. action please visit Stop These Wars for more details.

On spirituality, religion, and faith

There is great debate about the differences between spirituality and religion. Three days into the quadrennial gathering of the branches, groups and affiliates of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, I began what I suspect will be a series of writings about the debate that lives in FOR and many communities of faith. Here I offer some thoughts as we continue our conversation in fellowship.