Demilitarizing Life & Land

201 The Fellowship of Reconciliation pursues a vision of a free and “demilitarized” world in which the Earth’s resources sustain life and promote the well-being of all people.

To do so, we challenge economic exploitation, work to eradicate racism and religious intolerance, and call attention to imperialistic U.S. foreign policy. As we continue to speak truth to power, FOR engages in an ongoing interfaith dialogue to shift the collective unconscious from a fear-based military culture to a peaceful world community grounded in faith and nonviolent justice.

What does demilitarization mean?

Wars are fought by people. All conflicts and occupations require not only leaders to sound the battle cry and soldiers to do the fighting, but also a body of citizens to justify and support war causes. In the U.S., many people are mesmerized by a military culture with a corporate structure that profits through arms production and sustenance of armed forces, and who unwittingly pay taxes that feed the war machine.

Of life and land

202 Most wars are fought to control land and resources and, ironically, the desired resources and land are squandered and ravaged in the process.

FOR is working to shift the national and global ideologies that glorify and support war to a culture of peace and nonviolent justice. In collaboration with FOR Chapters across the country, Religious Peace Fellowships, and partners, FOR USA is striving to build a movement of people who chose to live nonviolently in preservation of life and land.

In 2011, FOR launched three task forces targeting hotbeds of violence and military activity in the United States, Latin America, and the Middle East.

In 2014, FOR shifted its focus to exclusively work within the United States.

Stay connected

FOR is a fellowship of organizers, educators, strategist, veterans and so much more. If you would like someone to speak to a class, community group or at an upcoming event, contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

Build the legacy

The support and contributions of families and individuals has kept the work going for nearly 100 years. Consider making a donation to the FOR and supporting the ongoing work of peace building through justice and love.

Download this pamphlet as a printable PDF (2.6 MB). Note that the pamphlet was originally printed in 2011, and some of the information and details in the pamphlet have now changed.