FOR Booklet: Blown Away


Have you ever asked yourself how it's possible to fight a "war" against drugs? Wars are traditionally defined as conflicts between two nations or, at the very least, between two armed parties. How does the US military and government seek out and hunt down substances like cocaine, heroine and marijuana? Who are the enemies? The plants? The people who transport the substances? Those who sell them or those who consume them?

Welcome to installment number two of FOR's Demilitarizing Life and Land series:
Blown Away — The War on Drugs: Feedback from the Frontline.

Last year, our first popular education booklet, What's Land Got To Do With It?, explored how we are connected to land in other places through our everyday activities. Now we're back with another complex issue — the 40-year-old war on drugs. The drug war is a global enterprise involving politicians and governments, the mafia, drug traffickers and illegal armies, the police forces and militaries of several countries, millions of ordinary civilians and your tax dollars. Through true stories from real people, we look at who the drug war impacts, analyze some of the big interests involved, and offer a few alternatives.

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