FOR Booklet: What's Land Got to Do with It?

278 What’s Land Got to Do With It? - ColombiaEver tried to explain Colombia’s conflict to someone who knows little about it? Or to understand it yourself, and the ways natural resources and territory are at the center of the conflict and the U.S. role?

What’s Land Got to Do with It? is a 36-page pocket-size booklet made for grassroots education of Colombia, land, and how the armed conflict affects ordinary people. With lots of graphics, pictures, quotes, and written in language accessible for kids and adults, What’s Land Got to Do with It? describes the history and human face of the violence in Colombia and its focus on land.

Available in bulk orders, for $25 for 20 copies postpaid, $60 for 50 copies. Individual copies are $1.75 postpaid. Click here to order your copies for your community group, you, and your friends.

You can also download a digital copy here (large PDF file, 25 MB) to view on your computer.


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