End U.S. Military Aid to Colombia

Our goals

Changing US policy from guns and military training to supporting the displaced and treating addiction at home
FOR's work in this area has shifted to an independent organization, FOR Peace Presence. For the latest information, visit www.PeacePresence.org

Current FOR status: Discontinued. Visit FOR Peace Presence for the latest information on this work.

Since 2000, the United States has spent more than $6 billion on "Plan Colombia," as part of the "drug war" and "war on terrorism" — 80% of it military aid. Colombia has received more U.S. military aid during this period than any country outside the Middle East. Support of the escalation has been bipartisan, and the Obama administration has continued this approach, disguising a bloody counterinsurgency as a war on drugs and introducing enormous increases in military aid to neighboring countries. Our campaign aims to end the wasteful and destructive military aid to Colombia and redirect it to effective and needed programs for education and treatment of addiction at home, and to support justice for Colombia's millions of internally displaced people.


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