No-Fly Zone for Armed and Spy Drones

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The Fellowship of Reconciliation opposes the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, for military and surveillance purposes. The U.S.’s use of drones has resulted in thousands of deaths and violated the sovereignty of many countries. Now the White House has even admitted it may use armed drones domestically to strike and kill without trial. Surveillance drones are already poised for widespread use nationwide.

Join now with people nationwide who are planning actions and education programs in April 2013 aimed at ending drone warfare and surveillance.

Find out if an action is planned in your community and sign up to help organize anti-drone efforts in April and beyond in your region.

See our Resources for Anti-Drone Campaigns, and our Recommended Articles.

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We oppose the use of armed and spy drones for the following reasons:

• Unmanned aerial vehicles are used to carry out extra-legal assassinations, a violation of international law. Targets of drone strikes are never charged, tried, or convicted in a court of law, and are given no opportunity to surrender, even if they are U.S. citizens. The murders of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki and his 15-year-old son are cases in point.

• Drone strikes kill thousands of innocent people, including children, violating the sanctity of human life. The Obama administration’s definition of “combatant” to include individuals of “combat age” covers over the true number of civilian deaths.

• The United States has ignored repeated requests by sovereign nations, like Pakistan, to end the use of drone strikes.

• The use of drones by the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command veils the program in secrecy and threatens our constitutional rights under the first amendment.

• President Obama’s so-called “hit list” is an unconstitutional abuse of executive power.

• Drone strikes perpetuate violence and destroy the potential for peaceful relationships between the United States and targeted countries.