USSF Joint Struggle Delegation to the World Social Forum Free Palestine

Our goals

Social movements will gather in Brazil in November 2012 to organize for a free Palestine, a struggle at the heart of the movement for global justice.
An archive of FOR's work from 2008 to 2014.

Current FOR status: Discontinued.

About the U.S. Delegation

Not only is the issue of Palestine a critical struggle for global justice in its own right, but the collaboration between the U.S government, Israelis government, and Zionist institutions in relation to the global arms trade, perpetual war, ecological destruction, and exploitation of resources, population control, mass incarceration, and suppression of popular movements has profound implications for all of us. As such, we are building a broad-based cross-movement delegation to the World Social Forum Free Palestine.

This effort seeks to build joint struggle for the liberation of people and land. Specifically, the delegation hopes to strengthen resistance to mass incarceration, surveillance and targeting of communities, repression of popular movements and activists, militarized borders, land and resource appropriation and privatization, and promote indigenous self-determination, the rights of refugees, the sustainability of the land and natural resources and the creation of a people’s economy.

The delegation seeks participation from the following sectors of the popular movement in the United States: immigrant rights, indigenous rights, anti-war, anti-racism, anti-prison industrial complex (PIC) and police violence, political prisoners, civil and human rights, environmental justice, and, of course, Palestine liberation and anti-Zionist groups.

Delegates will:

  • Attend a preparatory People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) in order to prepare an initial program of action together.
  • Participate in presenting workshops and/or in social movement assemblies at the World Social Forum (WSF) Free Palestine on the struggles they are a part of in the United States, and how these struggles intersect with the global struggle for Palestinian liberation and confronting Zionism.
  • Conduct local report backs upon return.
  • Participate in the on-going program of action of a joint struggle network developed at the PMA, during the WSF Free Palestine and upon return.

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